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Jamie Ervin, CAP

Pre-Approved AMC Instructor

(513) 377-2509

Class Schedule

Classes Start Soon!

Wednesday Evenings   7PM - 8PM EST

Delivery Method: Online via Zoom

Here's What You Get

Providing Everything You Need


This certification program follows the WATCH – LEARN -PRACTICE – SUPPORT method:


  • Watch– The course is accessible online anywhere and you can watch in the comfort of your own home. You only need the internet and a webcam to take part in the online training.

  • Learn -The comprehensive curriculum is in sequential order so that it’s easy to follow. Each module is released at your pace steps so that you can follow along and not feel overwhelmed.

  • Practice – The course includes checklists, templates, and worksheets to help you put everything into action at your place of work.

  • Support – This course is filled with support! You won’t have to go it alone on the journey. You’ll have instant access to a community of like-minded creative individuals who believe in personal growth and life enrichment. You can connect, swap ideas and share your wins with one another!

This course includes exclusive education and implementation methods for providing holistic art with elders or individuals with Dementia.


  • 7 Comprehensive Modules

  • 2 Bonus Modules

  • Art Demos (painting techniques and craft ideas)

  • Series of Practical Activities

  • Dozens of Downloadable Resources. Step-by-step Instructions, handouts, templates, worksheets, and assessments

  • Unlimited Support with access to our State of the Art - Certification Lab and Group Forum to connect with other Creative Souls like you!


How You'll Learn

Course Essentials


All students are required to purchase the course textbook. This cost is not included in the tuition. The focus of the required text is to help students explore concepts of using art as a therapeutic tool and gain personal reflection as a creative.  Making you a better teacher and leader.


Sparrow, Sherita T. (2020). The Healing Artist: Create – Connect – Compassion. Inspiring Project Ideas and Heart-warming Experiences that Shows How Therapeutic Art Brings Healing & Joy to the Elderly and Individuals with Special Needs

Required Textbook


Certification Opportunity

Upon completion of the certification requirements, you will earn and may use the name


Certified Art Practitioner Certification™. 

A Bit About Me

It would be a pleasure to be your Art & Memory Care Instructor. I have experience doing holistic art with residents in skilled nursing and assisted living settings. This certification helps the activity profession tremendously!


When I signed up for the Art and Memory Care Certification program I knew it would help me develop better art projects. I also knew it would help with reassuring family members that their loved one is happy and engaged.

It brings people together and gives residents a way to express themselves. The curriculum shows you how to let residents use their imagination. The art projects are built to give them purpose and allow them to create in their own way. 


And I know this program will help you and the residents of your community, too! It would be a pleasure to have you join my class...

Warm Regards,



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