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Professional Framework

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, they will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” 

- Maya Angelou –

Art & Memory Care Certification™ curriculum is based cutting-edge adaptive art, mindset, energy flow, case studies, and service design . Topics include:

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  • Human Development and Aging

  • Spirituality of Aging

  • Wellness and Self Esteem

  • Behavioral Interventions

  • Psychology of Aging

  • Person Centered Programming

  • Group and 1:1 Instruction

  • Therapeutic Approach.

  • Motivational Techniques

  • Individualized Care Planning

  • Equipment & Safety Control

  • Expressive/Creative Program

  • Professional Development

  • Program Implementation

  • Conducting Activities

  • Evaluation Techniques

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There are seven training modules (7 pillars) that include art demos, checklists, and templates so you feel confident and get amazing results with residents.

7 Pillars

You'll gain confidence in...

  • Assessing personal attitude toward engaging the elderly in holistic approaches. Identify barriers and patterns that can inhibit self-expression.

  • Learning the fundamentals of using art holistically to build deeper connections with elders struggling with the aging process, including those with Dementia.

  • Applying steps to establish a welcoming environment that inspires creativity, and promotes individuality for the elderly.

  • Learning to use adaptive art materials that meet the physical, social, and emotional abilities of the elderly so they feel validated.

  • Completing Art Assessments to engage elders who are isolated or struggle to interact with others.

  • Identifying best practices for establishing safety during therapeutic art sessions for elders of various physical and cognitive abilities.

  • Applying the proven formula for developing fresh art ideas that maintain interest and increase participation levels of the elderly.

Making you a better teacher and leader!

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