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Imagine Earning the Title, Certified Art Practitioner!


You'll feel confident and equip with tools to reduce elders' anxiety, maintain their dignity, and offer something meaningful to do. You’ll put smiles on faces and make people feel special through the art process.


Whether you believe you’re an artist or not.

There’s no need to be a Van Gogh or Michelangelo to become certified.

There’s no need to have special drawing skills or professional art training.

There’s no need to have a business or be an entrepreneur (although you’ll learn how to make a career out of your art).

You only need a compassionate heart, a love for art, and ambition to do the work!

If you’re looking for a way to add more creativity to your life and career. You want to “give back to the community,” but you’re not ready to invest the money or the time it takes to earn another formal degree, this program is a perfect alternate solution!

It shares the secrets for tapping into your creativity so that you can inspire elders. This program will show you the possibilities of using art holistically without any previous training. You’ll save yourself years of study and feel more confident as a creative person.


Whatever your realization may be, it is all within your grasp. You have the power to bring it to fruition.  Step outside your box and become a Certified Art Practitioner.


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As a Certified Art Practitioner, you will:

POSITION and highlight creativity as a skilled professional with specialized training in therapeutic art.

DISTINGUISH yourself as a creative who brings joy to others.

ADD to your credentials, making yourself more marketable as a creative. 

RECEIVE resources and ongoing support, even after you complete the program.

These are only a few of the benefits you’ll experience through the Art & Memory Care Certification program.

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