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Studies Show...
Elders who engage in art experience a significantly higher quality of life than individuals who do not do art.

Benefits of Dementia Art Training

Art & Memory Care Certification™ (AMC) is a comprehensive holistic art wellness program that helps care staff expand their skills in sustaining the social and emotional health for individuals with Dementia. This exclusive training incorporates holistic art practices that:

  • Reduce use of psychotropic medications

  • Decrease symptoms of anxiety, depression, and loneliness

  • Calms the mind and offers a sense of belongingness

  • Help with adapting to change in their world

  • Develop more meaningful connections with staff and family members

Become a Certified Art Practitioner
Use art holistically to Grow, Improve and  Add to elders' quality of life.
Hear from graduates who share their successes after completing  the training. 
Success Stories from Diamond Graduates
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