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What is Art & Memory Care Certification?

Art & Memory Care Certification™ (AMC) is a comprehensive holistic art wellness program that helps staff expand their skills in sustaining elders' social and emotional health. This exclusive training builds from the provision of clinical practices of The Feather’s Touch, A Holistic Art Company. AMC is supported by 15 years of art and aging research and endorsed by healthcare professionals.


This program is a result of an unmet need. Up until now, there has not been a holistic art program designed to enhance the social, emotional, and spiritual well-being of individuals with Dementia. Activity professionals, caregivers, and other wellness professionals began to inquire about alternative methods that fulfill the mission of serving the whole person, physically and mentally. 

Therefore, the Art & Memory Care Certification™ program was born. Through our training program, activity staff and care partners learn how to tap into their creativity so that they can inspire others.  Staff are equip with art techniques for effectively leading one-to-one and group programs for elders or individuals with Dementia.


This is not a certification to become a Licensed Art Therapist. We do not diagnosis or treat mental illnesses. This training is different. We use art to give a voice to those often overlooked and sometimes forgotten. We understand the value of putting the human spirit first. We look beyond a person’s disability and peel back layers to reveal the real person.

"When you use art to touch hearts, you get amazing results."

—Sherita T. Sparrow –

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Why Art & Memory Care Certification

Holistic is derived from the Greek word holos, which is derived from the word holism, meaning “whole, encompassing the whole person rather than pieces.” This includes their intellectual, emotional, social, physical, creative, and spiritual potentials. The holistic art approach considers all of the unique layers of a person in a creative way. The goal is to help individuals achieve some sense of hope and validity in life. This alternative approach is particularly beneficial for those struggling to find hope and a sense of peace. Research shows that elderly who have a sense of hope can endure the waves of life and have a healthier perspective.

Art & Memory Care Certification™ addresses elders' pain, worries, and anxieties, while uplifting their spirit and increasing their joy in life. Staff learn practical steps for keeping residents with Dementia in the here and now. Thus, staff become better care takers with implementing holistic health practices with the elderly.

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