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Success Stories

"Our greatest gift is when we contribute to someone’s life."

—Sherita T. Sparrow –

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"I felt I did not have a creative mind to do art with the residents. But after taking the certification course, I have become more confident. The facilitation tips for engaging those with memory impairment was a learning lesson for me. I'm now collaborating with the Director of Nursing to proceed with the new holistic art program for my dementia groups!"

Tyree Hardy, CAP

Activity Director - Memory Care

Activity Assistant - Memory Care

Barbara Mcginnis, CAP

A resident with Dementia needed to be fed at all meals because she has Macular Degeneration. I remembered learning in class that a person with macular degeneration can see from their peripheral vision. So, at mealtime, I asked care staff if we could try something different.

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We rearranged the resident's place setting on the table so it was visible on her left side. The resident was able to locate her food. She picked up her silverware and proceeded to eat. This was an amazing breakthrough! The resident no longer needed to be fed at mealtime. And her daughter was so excited to see her mom being independent."

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